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Acer Aspire Series 5535/5525 black screen [Closed]

Casey - Latest answer on Mar 28, 2012 12:36PM
it was working fine last night, then i tryed to turn it on this morning and the power goes on, i can see that because the lights go green, but nothing is happening on the screen, it is just black. is there any way i can fix this?
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The fix is relatively easy (i.e. black screen, but fan and led lights on computer working). You don't need to be a technician to fix this. This is basically a plain english repeat of what I learned from a technician's post elsewhere (he deserves all the credit). It absolutely worked. I believe the problem stems from the little cheap piece of foam on the gpu (graphics processor chip) wearing out over time. The heatsink system then ceases to function properly. As a result you get black screen on startup. To fix:

Step 1: go to Ebay (or elswhere) and order some copper shims (they are just little squares of copper that conduct heat efficiently). I put 2.5 mm thickness of shims on the gpu (i.e. one 1.5 mm thick shim+ one 1mm thick shim). I put one 1 mm thick shim on the cpu chip. (that's 3 shims total). Also order some thermal grease.

Step 2: open up the bottom access cover of the computer, then remove the "fan and heatsink" from the computer (ez, 4 screws; ie. the fan and heatsink are permanently attached to each other, unplug the fan's miniplug)

Step 3: you will see 2 chips that were covered by the heatsink. The smaller one is the gpu, the bigger one is the cpu. Discard the little piece of foam that sits on the gpu chip (it's worn out).

Step 4: simply stack the two shims as noted in Step 1 on the gpu, and the one shim as noted in Step 1 on the cpu. That's basically the trick. Easy. BUT: before doing so, make sure you have applied thermal grease to ALL the contact surfaces (between the chips and shims, between the two shims over the gpu, between the shim and heatsink).

Step 5: screw back "fan and heatsink" securely. Excess thermal grease will ooze out between contact surfaces. A little bit oozing out shouldn't cause any problem.

Step 6: keep the fan unplugged for now, keep the computer upside down, turn on power and let the heatsink get hot for 10 minutes. This consolidates your new heat diversion system (with the grease and shims). Turn off computer. Let everything cool for 20 minutes. Plug fan in. Startup computer. It should work.
I found on day 1 startup success was now 50% of the time. By day 2 startup success was now 100% of the time.

robert1992 7Posts Wednesday March 28, 2012Registration date March 28, 2012Last seen - Mar 28, 2012 12:36PM
if you need the laptop to work right away do this but do it with care turning on computers with out the fan and the cover covering the parts can ruin the computer hard drive, system board and power supply too in some cases
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on my 5535 it was the gpu.remove the fan remove the stupid heat sink pad ,clean cpu(bottom chip) clean gpu(top chip nearest fan)give both a nice coat of heat sink paste(i used silver thermal paste which i used on my xbox)put back together.good luck worked for me...

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Click on the below link and follow the instructions.

Good Luck.

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please remove rams and clean then fix

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I honestly have no idea but my acer is doing the same thing it gets really annoying...

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