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How to get rid of QuickStart?

March 2015

How to get rid of QuickStart?

QuickStart will replace your homepage and change your browser settings (search engine, install toolbars,..etc).
In this article you will learn how to get rid of this parasite extension,

Step 1- AdwCleaner by Xplode

AdwCleaner is a tool created specifically for disinfection of adware:
  • Download AdwCleaner (by Xplode) on the desktop.
  • Launch the program and click on Remove and for the scan to be completed. You may need to restart the computer after the scan.
  • Once the removal procedure is complete, a report will be generated.

Step 2- Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is a disinfection tool known for its effectiveness. It can help remove residue left behind after a scan with AdwCleaner, or handle other types of infections.
  • Download Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (By Rubber Ducky) on the desktop.
  • Install the software.
  • Make update (Click on the "Updates" tab and then "Search for updates").
  • Launch a full scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, click on "Show results".
  • Select all detected items (some are not checked by default) and click "Remove Selected". If prompted to restart the PC, accept!

Step 3- Clean your web-browsers

  • Uninstall parasite extensions:
    • Under Firefox: Go to Tools > Add-ons > Extension tab.
    • Under Google Chrome: Click on the menu at the top right and then Tools > Extensions.

Going further

You should be careful when installing free programs, as many of them are bundled with PUPs.
  • Read the EULA before installing a software and always download programs from official sources.
  • On the other hand, if you use Avast! or AVG, remember to enable the detection of PUPs.
  • WOT can help you to filter websites distributing harmful programs:

SpyHunter - Beware of fake security blogs!!

  • When you perform a Google search on Movie Toolbar- Fake security blogs are displayed in the result pages
  • These sites offer disinfection solutions in the form of a fix (specific tools).
  • This fix turns out to be a paid anti-spyware (Spyhunter or Spyware Doctor)!
  • These fake security blogs earn money for each successful installation or sale of the anti-spyware.
  • If you have installed SpyHunter or Spyware Doctor, it is recommended to uninstall these softwares, as free alternatives exists.
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