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How to send email to many people and hide the email adresses

April 2015

How to send email to many people and hide the email adresses

  • We'll see how this topic send an email to their contacts without the other recipients can see the addresses of other persons to whom this is intended e-mail.
  • I know the sender, but 30 others are unknown to me and yet I can get their address and do what I want (sending spam, hackers, etc..).

How to

  • Click the button New you can start creating your e-mail. In the top right click Cc / Bcc.
  • Two new buttons will appear. Click Bcc (blind carbon copy). This button will send an email to several people by hiding all e-mails that you send the same e-mail.
  • In the window that opens, select the contacts you want to send your e-mail. Click Close when your choice is made.
  • The Bcc field will be automatically filled places. It is not necessary to complete the To and Cc fields. If you want to check if it works properly, you can add your address in the To or Cc fields.
  • Once your message is complete, click Send. Your message will be sent to all selected contacts without they realize to who you've sent and abiding the addresses of other recipients.
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