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RogueKiller is a tool that scans the running processes and terminates the malicious ones!
Once the cleaning process is done , the software offers several options:
  • 1 - SCAN (Scans the registry for keys deemed as infectious,without removing them)
  • 2 - REMOVE ( Similar to the SCAN mode, but this time any infected keys encountered are removed)
  • 3 - HOSTSFIX (Resets the HOSTS file)
  • 4 - PROXYFIX (Removes the proxy configuration, for IE and Firefox)
  • 5 - DNSFIX (Resets the (to default) DNS configuration)

Originally RogueKiller has been developed to assist in the disinfection of rogues, disabling the processes that can prevent the start of anti-malware or diagnostic tools. But given that rogues make use generic techniques, we can also throw in a preliminary scan for any type of infections.

The scan is very fast (less than 2 seconds).

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Alternative spelling : RogueKiller-10.6.2.exe, RogueKiller.exe
Latest update on Wednesday May 6, 2015 11:57:52 AM